Unlock the full potential of your autonomous vehicles 
with premier charging connectors – optimize now!

Picture your autonomous vehicles (AGVs, AMRs, drones) moving like clockwork, operations running smoother than ever - this reality starts with the heartbeat of efficiency: the connectors that power them.

Quality connectors are vital for:

  • Reliability: they ensure a stable charge, minimal downtime, and steady operation.
  • Durability: they are designed for 100,000 mating cycles that last the full lifetime of your AGV.
  • Safety: complying with safety standards, they reduces the risk of overheating and fire.
  • Efficiency: by improving charge speed and energy transfer thanks to high power charging up to 300 A, they save the total cost of ownership.
  • Customization: perfectly adaptable to requirements with various modules, such as signal and data.
Dive into the Stäubli difference.
Stäubli offers connectors for different charging solutions for AGVs.
Download original CAD files to seamlessly integrate industry-leading connectors into your infrastructure and give your AGVs the uninterrupted power they deserve.
The STEP files (50.3 MB) include these three charging configurations:
  • Manual charging
  • Battery swapping
  • Automatic charging
Fill in the form and receive original 3D STEP files with pre-configured connectors for three different charging solutions for AGVs:
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Together, let’s keep your AGVs - and your business - moving forward.