Protecting People and Installations
In today’s fast paced environment there is a constant drive for increased productivity within the workplace. Attaining this goal however must not mean compromising the objective of achieving “zero-risk” for operators as they perform their duties on the factory floor. There are of course multiple factors which impact productivity levels, including maintenance procedures, for example. Stäubli’s high quality quick-release couplings make a valuable contribution to productivity by reducing the time required to disconnect and re-connect energy sources, crucially, without compromising operator safety during these essential operations.
Investing in Risk Prevention
It is a legal obligation for employers to ensure the health and safety of employees at all times, and it goes without saying that eliminating the potential for unforeseen events avoids unnecessary costs. Implementing rigorous preventative maintenance and inspection routines, combined with ongoing training and the use of appropriate equipment,
minimises the potential for accidents or incidents. In addition to the economic benefits it generates, risk prevention is a major factor for improving operational excellence and competitiveness. It is companies within the SME category that have the highest rate of accidents, therefore they are most likely to realise the greatest return on their investment in safety.
What are the risks? 
Stäubli products are designed to protect people’s safety, ensure the durability and reliability of equipment, protect the environment and maximise productivity levels for companies.
Read our complete whitepaper dedicated to safety and risk prevention:

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