White Paper - Sicherheit und Flexibilität der Produktion
Are you ready to change your energy consumption and take the lead in sustainability?
White Paper - Sicherheit und Flexibilität der Produktion
Businesses today face the combined challenges of increasing flexibility and productivity whilst ensuring that their manufacturing processes conserve energy and natural resources as part of a sustainable manufacturing strategy.

Increasing numbers of manufacturers are now using automatic robot tool changing systems to maximise the productive time of their robots. These systems provide the flexibility to switch between different product types or processes, whilst efficiently and securely connecting the many different media and energies they pass from the robot to the end-of-arm-tooling.

This White Paper provides an in-depth look at the contribution which Stäubli’s automatic robot tool changers can bring to the efficiency and sustainability of manufacturing processes, through their innovative and robust design, capability to handle multiple media and energy types and suitability for robots of all types and payloads.
Read our complete whitepaper dedicated to energy efficiency, improving flexibility and increasing the productivity of your production line.

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