Why bankable solar DC connectors are key for the success of your PV system
Photovoltaic connectors are the lifelines of a PV system, playing a vital role in an asset’s safety, performance, and overall profitability. In our series of whitepapers, you will gain practical insight into PV connector technology, reducing contact resistance losses, ensuring safety requirements and maximizing returns in any climatic environment.

Our readers:
The white paper is aimed at a specialist audience in the field of photovoltaics and renewable energies. These are on the one hand

  • engineers,
  • technicians,
  • scientists and
  • Solar industry professionals.

On the other hand, everyone who is interested in photovoltaic systems and their connection technology.

Investors and decision-makers who are active in or want to invest in the solar industry can also benefit from this white paper.

Learn more about:
  • The anatomy of a PV DC connector
  • The key role of electrical contact resistance
  • Industry standards and requirements
  • Field applications and recommendations

The industry experts and specialists behind the whitepaper:
  • Dr. Joachim Hirmke, Head of Engineering Renewable Energy
  • Guido Volberg, Senior Consultant Product Regulatory Affairs Renewable Energy
  • Dominic Buergi, Product and Service Manager Renewable Energy
  • Andrea Kobsch, Training Program Manager Renewable Energy
This whitepaper provides a comprehensive overview of the history, development and importance of connection technology for photovoltaic systems.
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